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Salon hair care made just for you.


Amazing Hair For All

You’re not basic, so why should your hair care be? We know that not all heads of hair are created equal, so we’ve gathered the very best ingredients to create a hair care solution that’s made to order, just for you.


Customize your routine.


Always All Natural

We strive to source the best ingredients to help your hair look and feel its absolute best. From the finest essential oils to heat protecting technology, we sincerely give a shit what you’re putting in your hair.



Healthy hair, healthy planet

Salon quality care at home

From our experience running over a gazillion hair salons in over forty five planets in over twelve different galaxies, we’ve learned a thing or two about good hair care.

We believe that you should have the best hair stuff to keep your locks looking supa fly, supa dupa fly, especially when you can’t stand the rain.